"I have had a professional relationship with the Gallagher Law Firm now for several years.  The firm was instrumental in the start up and creation of my small ...

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The Gallagher Law Firm with offices in Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, Grand Rapids, and Detroit provides a variety of legal services across Michigan for corporate and individual clients. Our AV-rated, highly experienced attorneys offer responsive and efficient representation. Learn why our clients consider the Gallagher Law Firm to be a trusted, insightful and experienced partner for their legal needs.


Does our corporation have to have annual meetings?

Pat, my brother and I set up a corporation six years ago for our contracting business and we have not had any annual meetings since then.  Our accountant files our Michigan Annual Report each year.  Is this enough or do we have to have annual meetings?

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Mileage reimbursement made easy

Mileage reimbursement made easy with this Excel form from University of Michigan Finance website! Use this form when claiming mileage reimbursement for business use of personal vehicles.

Categories: Tax Law, Business Law